3D Wall Panels

A new dimension for a familiar feel.

Enhance the definition of the room by having a 3D, patterned wall panels. Ranges differ from symmetrical patterns, waves, geometrical shapes and more. Contact us to know which one fits your room best.

3D Wall Panels

3D Wallpapers

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How to choose the right 3D wall panels for your home?

Check Your Room Size

Some patterns may create the illusion of having more space to your room.

Identify Your Light Source

Since we're talking 3D panels, lightings may produce projections, intentionally or not.

Plan Out Your Room Furnishings

The patterns chosen have to complement the furniture arrangements of the room to be fully expressed.

Choose the right designers, get the right result.

A well informed, professional interior designers will surely adhere to the three tips mentioned earlier, and more. However, a terrible one can cause a bit of a problem.

Not having the right wall panels for your space may cause inconveniences at the very least. A bad pattern heights may result to clashes with your furniture (beds, usually).

Having a detail-heavy pattern in a room with heavy air flow will collect dust and to clean them would be a chore.

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3 Reasons why you should hire a professional 3D wall panels installer

High Quality Products

We get top quality products, at prices favorable to your financial preference.

Experienced Workers

With our past experiences, we ensure a quick and efficient delivery.

Professional Work Conduct

Our methods ensure minimal mess made during installation, to limit cleaning up.

Review of our service

Let us share with you what others think of our service.

I wanted to decorate my bedroom wall to replace my old wallpaper. Sent FJ Exellar an email for suggestions and they decorated it with their wall panels, and I really like it. Good work too, very clean.

- Melinda Tan

Petaling Jaya

A little background about FJ Exellar

It's not about the color or the shape, it's about the message.

Throughout our experience designing the interiors of our past clients, we understood that most people go for themed designs as a reference to what they want to achieve. For most people, this could work, but rarely are they satisfied.

The first questions we ask are not about the specifications of the room, but the purpose. Colors and shapes gets you to look, but experience lets you stay.