Coffered Ceiling

Accentuate your design with ceiling decorations.

A ceiling connects all the walls of your room. To have an empty ceiling is to have a space unspent. Stylize your room with details and designs, and be amazed at how the whole room changes. Add that final touch to your room improvements and complete your journey.

Coffered Ceiling 1


Coffered Ceiling 2


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How to choose the right coffered ceiling for your room?

Have the right dimensions

Coffers are usually precast and will come with fixed sizes and shapes. Identify the correct measurements to have the best fit.

Accentuate, not dominate

Ceiling decorations are used to reveal more of your design intentions, and not for compensation.

Consider the ceiling components

Is there a fan? Will there be a chandelier hanging? Answer these rudimentary questions before proceeding.

What happens if you miss out on these things and more?

To decorate a ceiling is to engage in a commitment more than home owners realize. Choosing the wrong designs can not only cause a hit and miss – you can end up hating it as soon as the dusts settle.

We have seen poor work ethics by other installers and most of them can be avoided with professional planning and design. A beautiful set of coffers cannot do much in the face of exposed wirings.

Choosing the wrong design can also be quite a hassle, considering that a ceiling is the highest point of a room, and they can gather dust that can be very difficult to clean and maintain.

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3 Reasons why you should hire a professional coffered ceiling installer

Pay once, fulfilled forever

One thing is for sure when it comes to home improvement - no matter how much it cost, nothing replaces time.

Good installation work is underrated

Installing coffered ceilings can affect your walls as well. A professional will avoid messing up what's already there.

Perfect fit, perfect measure

Nothing beats a seamless, organic design. Professionals are there to make sure these are obtained without breaking a sweat.

Review of our service

Let us share with you what others think of our service.

I did some renovation on my house to extend my master bedroom. Contacted them to do some ceiling decoration. Very clean work. They helped me choose some designs and straight away did their work. Good job.

- Nor Kamariah Zaman


A little background about FJ Exellar

It's not about the color or the shape, it's about the message.

Throughout our experience designing the interiors of our past clients, we understood that most people go for themed designs as a reference to what they want to achieve. For most people, this could work, but rarely are they satisfied.

The first questions we ask are not about the specifications of the room, but the purpose. Colors and shapes gets you to look, but experience lets you stay.