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Translating your intents into comfort and living experience.

We help you rediscover the potential of your space via a flexible, fast and satisfactory design that fit your budget. We make your space yours – from bedroom to offices, we do it all. With a long list of trustworthy suppliers and installers, you can rest easy knowing that your space is in good hands.

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How do you detect a good interior designer?

They design with a plan

Almost anyone can come up with a concept. Much fewer can publish it in a visual format. Those who can realize it, will do it for a small professional fee.

The intimacy of experience

Having a wealth of experience allows a designer to dig deeper into your intentions and then be inspired. Experience guides them to make better decisions.

They know how to source materials

A good interior designer is worth less if they do not have the materials to accomplish their designs. A concept remains an idea until it is actually built.

What's wrong with 'cheaper' services?

When it comes to interior designing, it’s common that people budget a relatively smaller amount due to the impression that it’s not that risky. However, consider that it is you who will be spending your time in the room, and to start over will definitely cost you more.

A major problem for smaller interior design services is that they cannot afford to spend much time to consider the finer details that matter over time like maintenance cost and material lifespan. With cheaper market segments, it is also possible that they would source a less than quality materials, and severely damage the quality of their delivery.

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3 Reasons why you should hire a professional interior designer

Assurance of quality delivery

With premium fee comes a premium service. Professionals charge you on tangible items that you can witness being completed.

They help you decide

A consultant's job is to help get you the right decision rather than deciding for you. They put you in front, first and foremost.

Pay once, forever fulfilled

Minimize your risk in exposing the rights to improve your spaces by having it done once, and done right. Efficiency at it's best.

Review of our service

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Hired these guys for my startup working space. Cannot believe the result to this day. Never knew that what we wanted was actually within the budget until they came over.

-Daniel Tan

Petaling Jaya

The ideas of FJ Exellar

It's not about the color or the shape, it's about the message.

Throughout our experience designing the interiors of our past clients, we understood that most people go for themed designs as a reference to what they want to achieve. For most people, this could work, but rarely are they satisfied. The first questions we ask are not about the specifications of the room, but the purpose. Colors and shapes gets you to look, but experience lets you stay.