Wainscoting Wall Panel

Rustic look with a modern touch.

Exude class and displays of character to your room with wainscotted wall panels. Assimilate western culture within a modern setting with our range of selections.

Half wall wainscoting

Full wall wainscoting

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How to choose the right wainscoting wall panel?

Choose Your Material Wisely

Some material works well with the room without having to be coated with paints and protection.

Measure Before Buying

Get a good measurement of your wall before you start purchasing. As they say - measure twice, cut once.

Identify Your Purpose

Not all walls require panel installations. Work within your budget to have the best execution.

A good interior designer will save you cost.

For huge installations such as this, needing an interior designer makes for a good case. A good interior designer allows you to select the best patterns with the best material, within your price coverage.

Wall panel installations should be treated like a long term commitment, and you’d want someone you can trust on the job. Any sub-par delivery can make you end up paying more, with no improvement to your satisfaction.

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3 Reasons why you should hire a professional wainscoting installer

Professional Work Ethics

Installation jobs will be made with the consideration of your existing furniture. Rest easy while the pro's work on it.

Cost Management

Good installers take care of all the measurement and your unit purchases. Small fee to prevent reworking or extension.

Flexible Scheduling

Get your installs done on time, and according to your schedule. Major works like this should be handled efficiently.

Review of our service

Let us share with you what others think of our service.

Good service overall. Many wainscoting panel design options to choose. Respond very fast on questions. The best!

- Razak Suhaili

Shah Alam

A little background about FJ Exellar

It's not about the color or the shape, it's about the message.

Throughout our experience designing the interiors of our past clients, we understood that most people go for themed designs as a reference to what they want to achieve. For most people, this could work, but rarely are they satisfied.

The first questions we ask are not about the specifications of the room, but the purpose. Colors and shapes gets you to look, but experience lets you stay.